What's With Wheat Movie

What’s With Wheat Movie Watch Free

Right now is your chance to watch this important documentary on wheat and your health for free. Just click here to register it only requires your email address. The free screening is only until June 30, so don’t wait too long. EVERYONE needs to see this! Whether you think you have a problem with wheat/gluten or not. Whatever you think you know about wheat and your health, you may be shocked by the things you learn in this movie. Even if you don’t eat gluten, there are still some things in this movie which may shock and surprise you about the hidden sources of wheat that mean you may still be allowing it into your body. Just the information on Roundup and Glyphosate is essential to know even if you are sure that you are truly gluten-free because it’s not just being used on wheat. It’s everywhere! Read more »

Fibro-Fix Summit: Day 4 Microbiome & GI tract

Fibromyalgia Microbiome & GI Tract

Today’s experts are talking about the microbiome and GI tract (gastro-intestinal tract) and their relationship with fibromyalgia. The microbiome is one of my favorite topics, and it’s role in our immune system and general health are key in staying healthy and healing from health issues. What are some of the things that can damage your gut, microbiome and lead to fibromyalgia? How can you heal theses things? Learn about that in today’s talks. Listen in today to find out about some of the most common and dangerous things that can wreak havoc on your microbiome, immune system, and GI system. Even if you don’t have fibromyalgia the information you hear today can help you prevent other chronic and degenerative health problems. Read more »

Microbiome Medicine Summit

Your Microbiome is the Key to Your Health

I’ve been aware of the Microbiome since before that term was coined. I knew it was really important to our digestive health, and a few years ago I learned that it was also important to our immune system… in fact, it IS our immune system. So it’s not like this topic was all new to me, but even with my prior knowledge I learned so many things is this series of interviews that have just blown me way. Nature is truly amazing. I would say this is THE most important scientific breakthrough in the health field ever.  Read more »

Reused Container Garden

Ways to Grow Vegetables in Limited Space

In the last few years we’ve been bombarded with tons of information about all the hidden additives and harmful chemicals in our food, which is why many people have taken to growing their own from home to create safer and healthier recipes. But unfortunately not everyone has the space for a greenhouse, row upon row of veg or even the money to buy an allotment somewhere. So we’ve come up with a couple of gardening ideas you can use to grow your own vegetables at home with a minimum amount of space. Read more »

Chia Fresca Upgraded

Chia Fresca Upgraded (Apple Cider Vinegar Drink)

I’ve created this new variation of my Chia Fresca that’s even more nutritious, and has a wider range of flavor possibilities. I ran out of oranges one day and had to come up with something. So I used what I had available. I used frozen organic pineapple, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and a scoop of the Madre Labs Immune Punch SuperFood blend. It was delicious! It was so good, this is what I’ve been drinking ever since. Let me tell you about Madre Labs Immune Punch. This stuff is amazing. It’s a best-selling products, with hundreds of excellent reviews for good reason. I’ve been having this every day in my chia drink, and even though I’ve been staying up late, getting up early, not getting enough sleep, I’ve stayed healthy, and I think it’s because of this drink and all the amazing superfood and medicinal mushroom ingredients in the Immune Punch. You can buy it here. Read more »

Vegan Ceviche

Vegan Ceviche

Traditionally, ceviche made with raw fish, marinated in lime juice with chopped up vegetables like tomato, cucumber, onion, cilantro, and grated carrot. It’s served on a tortilla, and often garnished with slices of avocado which make it really delicious. This is a vegan version, that’s very quick to make and equally delicious. It’s a great, quick to prepare, light meal that’s perfect for summertime lunch or dinner. You could also serve it on a salad, as a side salad, or as a dip with tortilla chips (this would be especially good for parties). Read more »