Wheat Fast Low Carb Cookbook_

Wheat Fast Low Carb Cookbook

This book was a free kindle book for a couple of days when I first posted this article (the freebie special is over now). I literally just got it so I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes yet. At a glance flicking through it many look interesting enough to try. It has very gotten good reviews. The first part of the book has what almost looks like a summary of the information in the very well researched and eye-opening book Wheat Belly by William Davis MD that I have been reading. I'll be posting a review of it when I finish and more articles that talk about how wheat affects our body. But let me just say here, for anyone who is interested in eating healthier, I think the book Wheat Belly should be mandatory reading. Now, getting back to the book Wheat Fast Low Carb Cookbook let me tell you a little more about the recipes at a glance... Read more »

Hungry For Change Movie

If you haven't seen the movie Hungry for Change this is a great opportunity to do so for free. If you are interested in eating healthier this is one of those ‘must see' videos. And even if, like me, you have already seen it, it's still worth signing up to this for the bonus videos, information and recipes. Have a look on the registration page below to see what they've got. Starting March 21st through to the end of the month. A reader just informed me that the link to the Hungry For Change registration page was not working. The link (below) is now fixed. Hungry For Change is brought to you by the same people who made the movie Food Matters (another must-see documentary) and interviews some of the world's leading health experts. Many of whom became experts because of their own health crises. The free online event starts March 21st and includes: The Full Length Hungry For Change […] Read more »

Honey bee on borage flower

Honey bees are essential to our food supply. They, along with all other bees are facing a crisis right now. You might have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder, sometimes also called Spontaneous Hive Collapse. Bees are dying off at an alarming rate, and have been for some time now. The term Colony Collapse Disorder was used in late 2006 to describe the trend that bee keepers and scientists were becoming of aware of. It's a serious threat to our food supply. Both honey bees and bumble bees are used in agriculture for pollinating crops. Bees pollinate many of our food crops, and of course are responsible for the production of honey as well. So, if the bees all die off, it's not just honey that we will lose. For the plants that rely on bees, in order for the plant to bear fruit pollination has to occur first. When I say fruit, it's not just what we typically think of […] Read more »

The Great Health Debate

What's the best diet? Is there even one diet that is best for every body? If you've been trying to eat a healthier diet and have done any research at all into it you probably already know how confusing and contradicting all the information can be. One thing is for sure, the traditional food pyramid isn't the key and the standard American diet (SAD) is not the answer. So what is? A free online event that I’m really excited about has just begun. I listen to a lot of these things, and I usually learn a lot. This one is special though, it's an absolutely brilliant idea, and it's never been done before. It's called “The Great Health Debate,” a 7 day, online event that features diet experts from all different schools of thought – vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, meat eating, etc.- together to debate how you can make your diet better. It should make for some very interesting discussions. Read more »

I've just found out about a new, free teleseminar series focusing on healthy eating. It's called Raw Mom, Cooked Dad. They are going to pack “10 Days of Support, Inspiration, Recipes and Advice from 40 of the Word’s Leading Experts on Raw Food, Nutrition and Healthy Living!” I'm in! There are many familiar faces in the lineup of experts but lots I’ve never heard before, so I’m looking forward to lots of new and interesting information. This series has about the largest group of raw food experts that I've ever seen on a free teleseminar series. It started a couple of days ago on the 10th of October. So I’m sorry I didn't find out and get this out to you in time for you to catch the first interviews. I missed them too. I would have especially loved to hear the interview with raw vegan athlete Brendan Brazier. Right at the moment you can still listen to the interview […] Read more »

Leg cramps are not usually a serious illness*, but they can be incredibly painful and debilitating until they subside. They may be caused by several things, so I've listed a few treatments to try. What works best for you will depend on the underlying cause, so you may have to experiment to find the most effective treatment and prevention strategy. Read more »

Your liver has a big job to do. It’s responsible for building proteins, producing hormones, producing biochemicals such as bile which are necessary for digestion, plays a major role in metabolism, and stores several important substances such as glucose and various vitamins and minerals. On top of all that, the liver also has an important role in detoxification. It breaks down insulin, hormones, and various other substances in the body. But it also has the job of filtering the blood and breaking down or converting any toxic substances, including medications and supplements, so that the body can safely eliminate them. Read more »