Orange, Carrot, Celery & Ginger Juice

Orange, Carrot, Celery Juice

This is a delicious, sweet, creamy juice, with just a hint of saltiness from the celery. Celery is high in natural sodium and is essential to include in your juices when you are doing a juice fast. Leaving as much of the pith on the oranges as you can gives you more riboflavin and a nice creamy texture. I’ll tell you the easiest way I’ve found to do this below. This bright orange juice is also high in Vitamin C,  beta-carotene. Read more »

Young Coconut with Lime and Chili

Young coconut meat with chili and lime

This simple, nutritious dish is commonly found in markets and roadside stands in Mexico and is often called Cocos Preparados. It would be easy to make at home as well, as long as you have access to young coconuts and a way to cut them open. It’s filling and tasty, combining the four flavors, sweet (coconut), sour, piquant and salty. Young coconut meat is low in calories, an 11-ounce serving contains only 65 calories. That same serving size contains 50% of the daily recommended dose of manganese, which assists in blood clotting and connective tissues. One serving also contains 15% of the daily recommended allowance of potassium, which helps to keep your muscles and digestive system healthy. A serving will also supply you with 6% of your daily recommended dose of magnesium, which is vital to healthy functioning of kidneys, muscles and energy production. It’s also important in maintaining mineral and vitamin levels. Be sure to drink the coconut water […] Read more »

Picking a Wild Salad

Dandelion Flower

Learn how to pick a raw wild salad of Eastern Blue Violet, Miner’s Lettuce, Wild Mustard, Sheep Sorrel, Ox-Eye Daisy, and Dandelion, garnished with Wild Mustard Flowers. Wild edibles, also known as edible weeds, are the most nutritious vegetables and greens available. By their very nature they have not been tampered with by man, not hybridized nor genetically modified. Since they are rarely offered in stores or markets you have to know how to harvest lettuce fresh, so like all fruit and vegetables, they will have more nutrients and vital life force than store-bought fruit and vegetables. Read more »

Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Spinach and Beet Juice

Carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, beet juice

You may have noticed I’m on a bit of a juicing kick lately. After living so long without a juicer I’m remembering all over again just how powerful fresh vegetable juices are. Fresh vegetable juices are the quickest way I know of getting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients into my body. Because the juice doesn’t need to go through the normal digestive process, you get all these nutrients while expending very little energy, unlike eating solid food. Since I’ve started juicing I’ve cut way back on the amount of coffee I consume, because I’m getting that uplifting and energizing buzz from the juice instead. And fresh vegetable juice has an alkaline effect on the body, unlike coffee which is turns the body more acidic. Read more »

Green Juice – Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Fennel, Lime & Ginger

Green Juice-Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Lime, Ginger

Green juices help to alkalinize the blood, which is essential to good health, especially if your diet otherwise tends to be acidic. Add to that the enzymes and nutrients that are packed into a glass of fresh raw juice and there’s no good reason not to incorporate juicing as part of your daily routine, especially when they taste as good as this. I love most vegetables, I can eat salad bowl-sized salads in one sitting, but there is still no way I can eat as many vegetables in a day as I can consume when I juice them. And even though I know the importance of chewing food thoroughly, until it’s liquified, I can’t do as good a job as my juicer does. So now that I have a juicer in my life again, I’m falling in love with juicing like never before. And it’s energizing me. There is an abundance of fennel growing wild where I live. There are some […] Read more »