Green Juice: Pineapple, cucumber, chard, wild greens.

Green Juice

I'm on day 3 of a juice fast, and I must admit that this wild green juice was inspired by St Patrick's Day. I love the color, and it tastes divine! Lately I've been using a lot of wild edibles in my juices, but for the past couple of days I've forgotten, and I've missed the incredible feeling that I get when I have wild greens added to my juice. So I wanted this juice to have some of my local in-season wild greens, malva and dandelion. Most people know about dandelion, and you might know how incredibly nutritious it is. Malva is not as commonly known, but is also highly nutritious and very mild in flavor. So it's easy to use a lot without ruining your juice by creating something too bitter. If you don't know of any wild edible greens in your area, it not be as nutritious but will still taste great without them. You could add […] Read more »

Dandelion Flower

Learn how to pick a raw wild salad of Eastern Blue Violet, Miner's Lettuce, Wild Mustard, Sheep Sorrel, Ox-Eye Daisy, and Dandelion, garnished with Wild Mustard Flowers. Wild edibles, also known as edible weeds, are the most nutritious vegetables and greens available. By their very nature they have not been tampered with by man, not hybridized nor genetically modified. Since they are rarely offered in stores or markets you have to know how to harvest lettuce fresh, so like all fruit and vegetables, they will have more nutrients and vital life force than store-bought fruit and vegetables. Read more »

The Frugal Food Gatherer is Well-Fed. The price of groceries continues to rise and the Recession seems to be unending. Ways to reduce your spending can come from anywhere; unplugging household utilities like televisions and computers for instance, saves energy and reduces your electric bills. Keeping the refrigerator freezer full, while seeming like non-Recessionary good times will actually makes the refrigerator run less often. The cold bulk takes less energy to maintain than an empty freezer does at the same setting. Ironic, huh? Read more »