Banana Blueberry Ice Dream

Banana Blueberry Ice Dream

Banana Blueberry Ice Dream

I was craving something sweet at night, but I wanted to stay on my raw food diet because I feel so much better on it. Fortunately I'd put some bananas in the freezer a couple of days earlier so whipping up this cold, creamy dessert took a matter of minutes and was a big hit. Even the dogs loved licking the bowl! One of the things I love most about a raw food diet is that you get to eat such satisfying desserts and you don't have to feel bad… in mind or body. There are few things that are as simple, quick and easy to make as a raw vegan ice cream recipe, so these are a good way to introduce kids to raw foods and preparing them.

1 ripe banana
3 frozen bananas
1-2 handfuls of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 teas natural vanilla essence
Raw Agave syrup to drizzle on top (optional)


  1. Break the un-frozen banana into roughly quarters and put into blender.
  2. Break or cut the frozen bananas into roughly quarters (smaller chunks if you have a whimpy blender) and put into blender.
  3. Add blueberries and vanilla essence to blender.
  4. Blend on the lowest speed until creamy. If you have a ‘pulse' function you can use that until the frozen banana chunks have been broken up.
  5. Spoon into serving bowls and drizzle with agave syrup to taste.

Makes 2-3 servings

To freeze bananas, peel firm but ripe bananas and put them whole into a plastic ziplock bag. Seal the bag most of the way, then squeeze as much air out of the bag as you can and finish sealing the bag. This helps to prevent ice crystals from forming. Pop them in the freezer and that's it. Once frozen they are ready to use when you want and besides making a delicious, guilt-free ice dreamy dessert they are great for adding to smoothies.


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