Soy Fried Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian soy food that's high in protein and one of the few vegan foods that's high in vitamin B12. It's a delicious, low-fat, no cholesterol, gluten-free, high protein alternative to animal products. The soy beans are naturally fermented to aid in their digestion, but nothing about the taste of tempeh says fermented. Read more »

I've been itching to try this recipe since last week when I found Kalyn's Kitchen Blog and the recipe for these yummy looking, South Beach Diet Phase I compliant Egg Muffins. I even went out and bought one of those blissfully-easy-to-use silicone muffin trays. I've been waiting and waiting, but our chickens aren't laying much at the moment – either that or they've set up yet another secret nest for us to discover (either that or someone will come back with a bunch of chicks in a few weeks). We went to the local vegie shop yesterday and I got a tray of free range eggs, in anticipation of making this recipe. Well, today was the day! Let me tell you, they don't disappoint! Read more »

This thick, hearty stew can make a filling meal all on it's own, or can be served with warmed pita bread, dipped in olive oil and salt. Or, if you're feeling really hungry, a thick slice of homemade wholemeal bread, toasted and served with butter or olive oil. It's a great winter warmer, but I love it even in the summer, or anytime I'm craving a protein hit. Read more »

Cooked Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is gaining popularity as a healthy, high-protein, gluten-free alternative grain. It's light, delicious and extremely versatile. Quick and easy to cook as well. How to Cook Quinoa, here is a quick and easy basic recipe for cooking quinoa. Quinoa is a tasty, nutritious, high-protein seed which can replace rice or couscous in dishes. It can also be used like oatmeal or millet for breakfast porridge. Read more »