A Healthy, Natural Diet for Dogs

I've just been doing some research to try to improve upon the homemade meals we feed our dogs and I've come across some great information. Here's a link to the specific section “Do Pets Require a Balanced Diet?” in Google Books, which lets you see a preview for free. It starts out with a summary of what's in commercial dog foods. It's revolting, in a word. You know how dog food always comes with a warning on the label, “Not for human consumption”? Not that I'd ever be inclined to eat dog food, but if I was, then reading this would certainly put an end to that habit. In fact, after reading this hopefully you don't want to feed your dog commercial dog food either. But the great thing is that the “Suggested Breakfast” and dinners don't look that difficult or time consuming to make. In fact, except for the meat and bones a lot of this is what we […] Read more »

These quick and easy to make vegetarian dog biscuit treats got a unanimous paws-up from my panel of 4 expert judges. I tried them too, and they didn't taste half bad. There's lots of room for variation and experimentation here, and with the enthusiastic response I got to this basic recipe you can look forward to more healthy dog treat recipes in future. If you've tried this recipe, or a variation of it please let me know by leaving a comment. Read more »