Blue-Green Smoothie

Blue Green Smoothie

Did you know that the blue-green algae spirulina is 65% protein? So instead of using whey powder or soy-based protein powders for your protein shakes why not use spirulina instead? It's is easier to digest, has far greater nutritional benefits and doesn't have the negative side effects of soy. This smoothie combines blueberries and acai berry powder for their antioxidants, parsley and green grass powder for their phytonutrients and chlorophyll, superfoods maca for it's adaptogenic and nutrient-dense properties and blue-green algae for it's protein and chlorophyll, and kefir for it's beneficial micro-organisms. This recipe calls for milk kefir, but you could easily substitute kombucha or water kefir instead, which would also make a vegan version of this smoothie. Read more »

Strawberry & Wild Greens Smoothie

There are some tasty foods that just don't look that appetizing, and certainly are not photogenic. This is one of them. We stopped by our local orchard yesterday and were lucky enough to score some strawberries “for jam” at half price. So this morning's smoothie featured… you guessed it, strawberries! I'm also getting a bit more daring on the wild edibles front, and this was the biggest handful of weeds I've put in yet. I managed to find really young dandelions and plantain. I was also especially lucky to find young dock leaves. I took a nibble from one just to see and was surprised to find they have quite a pleasant taste. No bitterness at all, they have an almost nutty taste. I'd like to try them in a salad too. All the wild edibles are highly nutritious, and so is oregano I have recently discovered. It's definitely a superherb, so I snipped a bit of that from the […] Read more »

Today's green smoothie (breakfast of Champions!) came out really creamy. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure enjoying it. I've got 2 superfoods packed in this one, goji berries and goldenberries (a.k.a. Incan Berries and Golden Inca Berries). Just for a change I decided to add some spice – cinnamon and ginger, it's a subtle but nice change. Read more »