Papaya Strawberry Kombucha Smoothie

Papaya Strawberry Kombucha Smoothie

This fruity and filling smoothie also contains all the micro-organisms and beneficial properties of kombucha, plus the digestive enzymes of papaya. Papaya is high in vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also contains the digestive enzyme papain which helps to digest protein and is an anti-cancer agent, as well as an anti-tumor compound called carpaine. Eating papaya regularly will improve your skin, hair, nails and eyes. Strawberries are high in vitamins B, C, and E, flavonoids, and iron and contain a powerful anti-cancer agent called ellagic acid. It's worth seeking out organic strawberries because commercially grown, non-organic strawberries are dowsed with pesticides and herbicides. Strawberries have blood-purifying, and wound-healing properties and are a liver tonic. Kombucha is a fermented drink, a living food, that's made from tea and aids and improves digestion. Since it's a fermented food it contains beneficial bacteria (probiotics). It helps alkalize the body, detoxify the liver, relieves constipation, improves eyesight and memory, […] Read more »

Blue-Green Smoothie

Did you know that the blue-green algae spirulina is 65% protein? So instead of using whey powder or soy-based protein powders for your protein shakes why not use spirulina instead? It's is easier to digest, has far greater nutritional benefits and doesn't have the negative side effects of soy. This smoothie combines blueberries and acai berry powder for their antioxidants, parsley and green grass powder for their phytonutrients and chlorophyll, superfoods maca for it's adaptogenic and nutrient-dense properties and blue-green algae for it's protein and chlorophyll, and kefir for it's beneficial micro-organisms. This recipe calls for milk kefir, but you could easily substitute kombucha or water kefir instead, which would also make a vegan version of this smoothie. Read more »

Blueberry Orange Smoothie with Acai Berry

When it comes to quick and simple recipes with high nutritional benefits, smoothies are at the top of my list. In an almost unbelievable stroke of good fortune I happened to be looking in a part of the freezer section of my local supermarket that I usually ignore. The supermarket has recently moved everything around, and in my hunt for my favorite organic frozen blueberries I happened to see a few boxes of frozen acai berry puree for less than a quarter of their normal retail price. What!? True. I bought 3 boxes, but I wish now, after having come up with this awesomely delicious smoothie, that I had grabbed all of them. Even though this is yet another blueberry smoothie recipe (and I put blueberries in almost all my smoothies), the fresh, tart flavor of the freshly squeezed orange juice and acai berry make this my favorite so far. In case you're one of the dozen or so people […] Read more »

Carob Mint Superfood Smoothie

This carob superfood smoothie has become my latest addiction. They are so good I sometimes have them twice a day. And I don't mean, have a glassful, I'm talking the whole blenderful! Kids would love this smoothie! They are great cold, like a thick non-dairy milkshake, if you use frozen bananas and let the mint tea cool before making the smoothie. But they are equally nice if you use fresh (not frozen) bananas and make it while the mint tea is still warm (not too hot though). It's winter here in New Zealand, and it's just turned really cold. I always find it hard to stick to a predominantly raw food diet when the weather turns cold, and amazingly just having these warm smoothies in the morning, and warm tea at night is making it really easy. Read more »

Thick & Creamy Vegan Vanilla Shake

I wasn't sure whether to call this a shake or a smoothie, because it reminded me so much of a vanilla milkshake so I opted for calling it both. This is one of the best smoothie (shake) recipes I've come up with so far. I was actually going to call this a breakfast smoothie until I decided to have it for dinner too because I enjoyed it so much. This is one of those quick and easy smoothie recipes that is just so delicious and nutritious that there's no excuse not to make it any time you need a quick meal or pick-me-up. Vanilla, honey, maca and lucuma are all superfoods. Sesame seeds have more protein than any other seed or nut, are loaded with calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus they contain lignans that can help burn fat. Flaxseed (also called linseed), is high in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. Oats are the king of the grains, they help […] Read more »

Creamy blueberry coconut smoothie

Today I decided to take a break from my usual green smoothie for breakfast and go with an all-fruit smoothie. I recently cracked open a couple of fresh coconuts, and I still had some coconut water left, so I decided to use that, as well as some of the coconut flesh. The result was a beautiful, creamy, fruity smoothie with a hint of vanilla. Blueberries and coconuts are both superfoods. Blueberries are considered one of the best foods for fighting free-radicals and repairing cell damage thanks to the anthocyanins they contain, which also give them their blue color. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, protect against dementia and are great for the eyes and memory, especially as we get older. They also contain resveratrol which protects us against cancer and heart disease. Coconuts contain the most heart-healthy oils of any food. Prunes are good for the digestion, they help nourish the friendly bacteria in your gut. They also contain lots of […] Read more »

Today's green smoothie (breakfast of Champions!) came out really creamy. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure enjoying it. I've got 2 superfoods packed in this one, goji berries and goldenberries (a.k.a. Incan Berries and Golden Inca Berries). Just for a change I decided to add some spice – cinnamon and ginger, it's a subtle but nice change. Read more »