Where to Buy Healthy Foods

Here are some places I've found where you can buy specialty foods, like superfoods and raw foods, equipment and some other sites with recipes you might be interested in.

Kombucha (SCOBY) Starter Kits and Supplies

I highly recommend Kombucha Kamp if you want to buy kombucha starter kits and supplies. The kombucha is grown in organic tea and organic sugar. They only ship live kombucha SCOBYs (the ‘mother' culture) and starter tea.

Milk and Water Kefir Cultures

Making your own milk kefir couldn't be simpler. But you need to buy milk kefir grains to get started. After that you can just reuse them indefinitely, and they will grow.

To make your own water kefir (dairy free), you'll need to buy water kefir grains, and sugar. I have been using this Organic Sucanat because it's high in natural minerals, and the water kefir grains love minerals.

Superfoods & Raw Foods


Use the discount code: WEZ300 to get a discount on your first order. iHerb has some of the very best prices on superfoods, raw foods, medicinal mushrooms and herbs and more.

They have a large selection of raw food products (though not all their products are raw), and the products that I have ordered have been of excellent quality. They are based in the USA, but ship overseas. Their prices are so good (including shipping) that it's cheaper for me to order from iHerb than to buy from companies in NZ and depending on the shipping option you choose just as fast. I've been really pleased with their service so far. Visit iHerb

Probiotic and Fermented Foods

If you're looking for probiotic starter cultures, probiotic drinks and supplements I highly recommend all the products from Body Ecology. You'll also find a tremendous amount of great information on their site. I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter. As a bonus for doing that you'll receive an audiobook with the best information about the important role that probiotic and fermented foods play in our health that I've ever come across.