Green Juice-Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Lime, Ginger

Green Juice – Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Fennel, Lime & Ginger

Green juices help to alkalinize the blood, which is essential to good health, especially if your diet otherwise tends to be acidic. Add to that the enzymes and nutrients that are packed into a glass of fresh raw juice and there's no good reason not to incorporate juicing as part of your daily routine, especially when they taste as good as this. I love most vegetables, I can eat salad bowl-sized salads in one sitting, but there is still no way I can eat as many vegetables in a day as I can consume when I juice them. And even though I know the importance of chewing food thoroughly, until it's liquified, I can't do as good a job as my juicer does. So now that I have a juicer in my life again, I'm falling in love with juicing like never before. And it's energizing me. There is an abundance of fennel growing wild where I live. There are some […] Read more ยป