Soy Fried Tempeh

Soy Fried Tempeh

Soy Fried Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian soy food that's high in protein and one of the few vegan foods that's high in vitamin B12. It's a delicious, low-fat, no cholesterol, gluten-free, high protein alternative to animal products. The soy beans are naturally fermented to aid in their digestion, but nothing about the taste of tempeh says fermented.

1 block organic tempeh
olive oil
wheat-free tamari or shoyu (soy sauce)

Slice the tempeh as thinly as you can. The thinner, the better, aim for a thickness of 5 mm or less.

Put enough olive oil in a frying pan to just cover the bottom of the pan. Heat up the oil over a medium heat. When the oil is hot, lay the strips of tempeh in the pan.

Heat for 2-3 minutes, then sprinkle in the tamari or shoyu and shake the pan to keep the tempeh from sticking and to distribute the tamari. Continue to cook until the tempeh is golden brown on the bottom and turn. Fry the second side until golden brown and remove from the pan.

Frying Tempeh

Frying Tempeh

Serve and eat!

Cook's Tips:
This tempeh is great as a starter, either on it's own or with a peanut satay sauce or sweet chilli sauce. It's also great broken into pieces and thrown into a salad or stir fry. Put any leftovers in the fridge and use in a sandwich the next day.


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  1. Eat Healthy says:

    I think tempeh is Indonesian in origin, but I’m pretty sure they use it in Japan too. You don’t really need much olive oil to fry it, it’s more of a shallow fry than a deep fry. The oil only has to be about as deep as half the thickness of the tempeh, or less. But it is yummy. Kind of nutty tasting. 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Why does every recipe make you soak in shoyu or tamari? This product has a great taste, reminds me of hash browns, and all I do is fry it up in a little canola oil. I never use a soy product to cook this in but I did use your original recipe without the soy sauce because yours was the easiest. I was looking at the time for a simple recipe. Once I’ve fried it I make “bacon”, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches with it.It really doesn’t taste like bacon but it brings another object into a sandwich besides the tomato and lettuce. I love the taste and can eat it just fried and dipped in hot sweet pepper relish or for dipping in spicy brown mustard or my peanut and rive vinegar salad dressing. I’m thankful you posted this recipe a couple years ago so I could enjoy it. Thank you.

  3. erin says:

    Hi, I’m Indonesian. I do my south beach diet and I wanna know if tempe is good for soutb beach diet phase 1 or not.. please kindly reply @my email for the info.. thanks ^^
    Speaking of which, if u dont mind to try our Indonesian recipe for fried tempe I’ll tell u the recipe. U just need some mashed onion, add some salt and some water, mix well. Then soak tempe into it for some minutes. After it, u can fried it. Best way to fry tempe is in deep fry, but u can also fry it in a little oil. Eat it with chilli sauce is so good.. I especially use sambel bawang. Cant stop eatting. Lol