Split Pea & Chickpea Soup

Splitpea & Chickpea Soup

Splitpea & Chickpea Soup

This thick, hearty stew can make a filling meal all on it's own, or can be served with warmed pita bread, dipped in olive oil and salt. Or, if you're feeling really hungry, a thick slice of homemade wholemeal bread, toasted and served with butter or olive oil. It's a great winter warmer, but I love it even in the summer, or anytime I'm craving a protein hit.

2 cups dried green split peas
1 cup dried chickpeas
8 cups water
2 teas tarragon
1 teas oregano
1 teas marjoram
1 teas Moroccan spice
1 T tomato paste
1 T vegetable stock powder
2 T miso paste, or salt to taste
1 handful unflavored TVP pieces (optional)
1 medium potato or sweet potato, diced (optional) *

Put everything but the miso/salt into the crockpot and turn on high. Let cook for 5 hours, or until the split peas cook to the point where they look pureed, stirring occasionally.

Add the miso:
When done, turn off the heat. Mix the 2 T miso with enough water to cover in a small bowl or cup. I like to use young white miso, which is what I'd recommend if you are new to miso as it has the mildest taste. Otherwise, use your favorite miso. Blend the miso paste with a fork until it is dissolved in the water, adding more water as needed. Add this miso mixture to the crock pot and stir in thoroughly.

If you're not using miso, add salt, herb salt or garlic salt to taste. The flavor of salt disappears during cooking, so by adding salt after the meal has cooked you don't need as much to get the same flavor.

South Beach Diet Notes:
If you are in phase one of the South Beach diet, leave out the potato/sweet potato. You won't miss it and this filling, protein-rich meal won't leave you hungry. Eat on it's own or with a side salad.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi! This looks great! Can you tell me what Moroccan spice you’re using? Is it a store blend?

    Thank you!

    • Donna says:

      Yes Jessica it was a store blend, something I got in New Zealand, I can’t remember the brand of it now though, sorry.