Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

If you're lucky enough to get fresh coconut, save the juice and use it to make coconut rice. I used the juice from a mature coconut, but you could also use the juice of a young Thai coconut as well. The coconut juice adds a delicate, sweet flavor that compliments just about any dish. It's great with stir-fried vegetables, or marinated tofu or tempeh.

This is really nice garnished with the roasted shallots bits that you can sometimes find in Asian food shops. But it would also be nice with roasted garlic as well.

1 cup brown rice
1 cup fresh coconut juice
1 cup water
2 T fresh coconut, finely grated
dash of salt

Wash and drain brown rice and add to saucepan. Add water, coconut juice and salt. Cover saucepan and put on stove over medium heat.

Grate 2 T fresh coconut, if you are using it. Add to saucepan, and cover again.

When liquid starts to boil, turn heat down to low and simmer for about 45 minutes, covered. Turn off heat and leave to set, covered, for 10 minutes.

Fluff with fork and serve.

Serves 2.

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