Ways to Grow Vegetables in Limited Space

In the last few years we’ve been bombarded with tons of information about all the hidden additives and harmful chemicals in our food, which is why many people have taken to growing their own from home to create safer and healthier recipes.

But unfortunately not everyone has the space for a greenhouse, row upon row of veg or even the money to buy an allotment somewhere. So we’ve come up with a couple of gardening ideas you can use to grow your own vegetables at home with a minimum amount of space.

Back Garden

Reused Container Garden

Container garden from re-purposed wooden crates

Photo by the-garden-site.com

For starters you could try using what little space you have in your garden, regardless of how big it is as long as there’s somewhere to put soil you can grow plants. If you’re really struggling you could try building a small rudimentary trough out of wood to put soil in to act as a basic bed for your vegetables.


If you don’t have a garden or you live in a high rise apartment then your windowsills are your next best option for getting your vegetables exposed to the elements. If you’re growing herbs keep them on the inside but if it’s something larger then the majority of retailers normally sell large solid metal brackets you can attach to the outside of your windowsill.

A great benefit of this is that having them off the ground means they’re less likely to be harmed by pests or other animals that would normally dig them up.


Similar to Windowsills balconies are great for keeping your plants safe. Since they tend to be quite large you can try growing vine based plants like Tomatoes by fixing an anchor rod or some wire to the wall to let it climb up and support itself with.


But if you unfortunately have none of these then your last option is to buy a plant pot and stick it somewhere that will let it get natural sunlight, like close to a window for example.

You can normally get them for a relatively low price and having your plants indoors means they will produce clean air for your room and they’ll also be safe from any predators. Also you can keep a continuous watch on their development and monitor any possible problems.

Seed Beds

Seed beds

Seed beds Photo credit: the-garden-site.com

If you don’t have the space for large plant pots you could try investing in seed beds. These are normally extremely cheap to buy and you can convert them into basic pots for simple plants like beans, peas or even just to grow herbs. Also because of their small size you can set up several stacks of them in a corner to reduce clutter.

So if you’re looking for ways to grow your own vegetables to make healthy meals for your family but you don’t have the space, then why not try out a couple of these options to start your own miniature garden.




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