Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Juice Tonic

Apple Juice Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

Apple cider vinegar is so good for you, and has so many health benefits (read more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar) that I recommend everyone incorporate it into their daily routine. It's one of the quickest, simplest things you can do, but the results can be tremendous. There are entire books written on the benefits of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), it seems to help with nearly everything that ails us human beings. But if, like me, you don't particularly like the smell and/or taste of vinegar, or you want something that even kids will like, try this ACV tonic. The cider vinegar makes the apple juice just slightly more tart, it's barely noticeable. I've got a very acute sense of smell, I hate the smell of vinegar and I didn't even detect it. Freshly squeezed organic apple juice is the best, of course. But if you don't have access to a juicer, or fresh juice, be sure to […] Read more »

Raw Vegan Ice Cream: Banana Maple Walnut

Who doesn't love ice cream? But with all the sugar, and additives and pasteurized milk, it's not the healthiest of desserts, unless… you make your own non dairy, non soy, raw vegan ice cream. It's healthy, delicious, and it only takes 10 or 15 minutes to make. A great way to deal with ripe bananas is to peel them and freeze them. I just put them into freezer bags, about 4 bananas per bag, tie the end shut and put them in the freezer so they lie flat. When I find bananas on sale I buy lots, or I order a whole box from the organic wholesalers. They will always get ripe faster than I can use them, but as they do, it's easy to freeze them. Then you always have them on hand to use in smoothies or quick non dairy vegan ice cream any time you want. Read more »

Roasted Sweet Potato with Rosemary & Orange

Roasting sweet potatoes really brings out their natural sweetness and almost caramelizes them and the addition of orange juice, mandarin slices and fresh rosemary works with the flavor of the sweet potatoes to create a subtle but very tasty dish. It's great served warm or cold the next day. It's really filling too, I'll often have just this and a big salad. In New Zealand, sweet potatoes are commonly called kumara, and they were brought here by the first settlers, the Maori for whom they were an important staple crop. They come in a variety of different colors, which all have slightly different flavors, but any kind can be used for this recipe. Read more »

Blueberry Orange Smoothie with Acai Berry

When it comes to quick and simple recipes with high nutritional benefits, smoothies are at the top of my list. In an almost unbelievable stroke of good fortune I happened to be looking in a part of the freezer section of my local supermarket that I usually ignore. The supermarket has recently moved everything around, and in my hunt for my favorite organic frozen blueberries I happened to see a few boxes of frozen acai berry puree for less than a quarter of their normal retail price. What!? True. I bought 3 boxes, but I wish now, after having come up with this awesomely delicious smoothie, that I had grabbed all of them. Even though this is yet another blueberry smoothie recipe (and I put blueberries in almost all my smoothies), the fresh, tart flavor of the freshly squeezed orange juice and acai berry make this my favorite so far. In case you're one of the dozen or so people […] Read more »

Best Raw Food Granola

This is the best raw granola I've made yet. The nuts and seeds need to soak, so usually I start soaking the almonds at night, then in the morning I put the pumpkin and sunflower seeds on to soak and start making the granola in the evening. So it's in the dehydrator overnight and usually ready by the next morning. Sprouted buckwheat groats are optional, but make a really nice, extra-crunchy addition. I usually have them on hand, I make them up by themselves and just sprinkle some into the finished granola. This raw granola is great with kefir. I've not tried it with nut milk yet but I bet it would be delicious with either almond milk or cashew milk. I love it just for a snack too, I eat it by the handful. It would store and travel really well if you go hiking too. Read more »

Savory Quinoa Vegetable Casserole

This savory quinoa vegetable casserole is based on my Mexican Rice recipe. Using quinoa instead of rice boosts the protein content. The quinoa gives it a totally different texture though, crunchy and nutty. The nutty flavor really compliments the cumin. I like this so much I don't know if I'll ever bother to make the Mexican rice again. Soaking the quinoa makes it more digestible and nutritious. Read more »

Basil Cashew Pesto

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find fresh basil at a local gardeners market for a great price. I bought lots so that I could make basil pesto, for the first time ever. It was so easy and it turned out pretty well. Fresh herbs are always magical to work with, but here's what's special about basil. A study done in Russia a few decades ago showed that basil alleviates depression. They put a basil plant on the nightstand of people who had been diagnosed with depression and that was enough to alleviate it. I remember reading about that as a teenager. I think it was my first exposure to the concept of aromatherapy. Since then I can't smell fresh basil without being reminded of that study, and noticing how happy I feel. Making your own basil pesto has the double advantage of that beautiful ‘happy' aroma and lots of tasty, creamy basil pesto as a result. Read more »